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The Ascend 2.0 Program is committed to reimagining the landscape of UCLA’s financial systems. As a part of this transformation, there will be changes to the financial reporting and business analytics structure used by professionals across the University.  

The Future of Financial Reporting 

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In the current reporting framework for financial data, the UCLA data warehouse stores information in multiple databases to support campus-wide needs. These data bases include QDB (Query Data Base) and the Operational Data Store (ODS).  

As a part of the Ascend 2.0 Program, we will introduce more robust and modern technology solutions for data analytics. This includes replacing QDB with the new Financial Integration Hub (FIH), a new data platform which will store financial data and provide access for data integration, downstream systems, and reporting. 

Access the Reporting Information and Data Flow video to learn more about how financial reporting operates currently at UCLA and the key reporting capabilities that will be delivered through Ascend 2.0.  

Campus and Research Reporting Committees  

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In April 2023, the Campus Reporting Committee and Research Reporting Subcommittee were established. These committees were formed to ensure strong UCLA partnership in defining the financial reports to be prioritized with the launch of Bruin Finance. Members of these committees were nominated by Finance and Research leaders, represent a variety of campus organizations, and possess knowledge of existing financial reporting at UCLA and a vision for the future of financial reporting and business analytics.  

From mid-April to mid-July 2023, these committees met on a weekly basis to identify and prioritize critical financial reports needed for Day 1 of Bruin Finance. By mid-July, the committees collaboratively identified approximately 40 reports that will be used by campus departments. 

Over the next several months, the Campus Reporting Committee and Research Reporting Subcommittee members will continue to provide input into the requirements for each of these reports to support report development. 

Want to Learn More?  

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The Financial Reporting & Business Analytics team will be facilitating campus wide Financial Reporting & Business Analytics roadshows beginning summer 2024. The roadshow will feature demos of some of the financial reports the team is working to develop, and will be an opportunity for representatives from departments across UCLA to learn about the future of financial reporting and business analytics. More information about this event, including registration details, will be shared soon.