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Get Involved With Research

The research community can engage in a variety of research-oriented Ascend 2.0 activities, from focus groups to office hours. Read on for details about how you can get involved and visit the Ascend 2.0 Events webpage for a full list of general program events.

Engagement Opportunities

Researchers Looking at a petri dish

Research Administration Forum 

Monthly Research Administration Forums (RAF) are held on the second Thursday of the month to convey important information to campus research administrators. Visit the RAF webpage to learn more.

Researcher holding office hours

Office Hours

Ascend 2.0 office hours focus on the recent launch of BruinBuy Plus, UCLA’s new procure-to-pay system. The program offers research-focused sessions to address subaward/subcontract invoice approval questions and other research-related procurement inquiries. Register for upcoming BruinBuy Plus virtual office hours sessions by visiting the Ascend 2.0 Events webpage.

Workgroups & Committees

Womane representing a change leader

Change Leader Network

The Change Leader Network is a group of influential leaders from across campus who support the Bruin community in preparing for the upcoming changes to UCLA’s financial and procurement systems. There are currently over 130 Change Leaders in the network, many of whom hold a role in research at UCLA. Change Leaders serve to raise perspectives, challenges, and best practices from their departments to the Ascend 2.0 program team, and to disseminate Ascend 2.0 program updates to their constituents. Find the Change Leader from your department on the Change Leader Network roster.

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Research Advisory Committee

Established in January 2023, the Research Advisory Committee advises on research needs with respect to system functionality, communication, training, and readiness for the research community. The committee is chaired by Marcia Smith, Associate VC of Research, and Yoon Lee, Senior Director of Extramural Fund Management. Read more about this committee on the Ascend 2.0 Advisory Committee webpage. You can also review the Research Advisory Committee roster for a full list of Advisory Committee co-chairs and members. 
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Research Reporting Subcommittee

Working closely with the core Campus Reporting Workgroup, the Research Reporting Subcommittee is a group of Research Administrators that focus on developing reports for the research community that will be housed in the new Financial Integration Hub (FIH).​ Learn more about the subcommittee and the future of financial reporting on the Ascend 2.0 Financial Reporting & Business Analytics webpage. Access the Research Reporting Subcommittee roster for a list of subcommittee members. 
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Sponsored Projects Post-Sprint Demo

Representatives from across the research community join these sessions to provide feedback on a variety of Sponsored Projects functionalities developed for Bruin Finance. This group represents 95%+ of departments engaged in research! Access recordings of post-sprint demos to learn the types of functions and processes this group reviews.