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Vision and Guiding Principles


Implement modern financial technology that enables operational excellence, accountable governance, and effective stewardship in support of the UCLA mission.

Guiding Principles


The program is focused on transforming UCLA's business processes to increase efficiency and improve functionality to empower effective decision-making at all levels and leverage established best practices built with Oracle.

Measurable Improvements

Transformed processes will be measured via qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) to track ongoing performance and identify continuous improvement efforts using real-time, accurate data.

Accountable Governance

The program and future-state operating model will have a clearly defined governance and decision-making structure that is communicated and understood throughout the organization.

Transparency & Integrity 

The program is committed to transparency in decision-making and issue resolution. We will continuously communicate with integrity ensuring the accuracy of the information shared. 

Timeliness & Punctuality

The program will make effective use of resources, mitigate risks/issues, and enable prompt decisions to remain on schedule.

Visible Support

All levels of the program are actively committed to demonstrating support for and reinforcing the project's goals, mission, and vision, at all levels across campus.